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Our vision

We are all natives to the music business and have over 10 years of experience.

Nicolas Kuri
Our vision is to give all of them which normally use a CD as a data media a new solution, which is much cheaper, has a higher user-friendliness and helps to achieve more sales. This is all given by our in 2015 founded service Codafile. Most oft the customers buy CD’s nowadays only to
upload it on their laptops, MP3 Players or smartphones. After that, most of the data media is going to get dusty in the cabinet or thrown into the bin. Our basic idea is to pass over this step and to make the main content – the music – easier to achieve.

Experiences in all areas sets us.

Jonas Liedel
For us, it’s not just our task to offer you a nice portal, where your fans redeem your codes. We also want to combine a conventional physical product with a download, so that your fans have a nice object to take home with. In here there’s no limit set to your creativity. For your inspiration we also got a small collection of ideas,
which should help you to get creative and set your own ideas free. We are looking forward and are providential for every new and unprecedented implementation and distribution of a codafile code. As we are experienced designer and graphic artists we also help with the implementation. Just contact us.

Made by musicians for musicians. Fairness and underwriting are our basic ideas.

Tobias Rehm
To not demand a big basic amount from bands is a basic idea since the beginnings of Codafile. We wanted to found a service, which is included in the selling but also takes the risk of a publication. No selling, no bill from Codafile. If you have selling, therefore we receive downloads on our server, we
send you a monthly bill. The costs from the bill do only cover our costs like development costs, server costs, administrative effort and last but not least GEMA license fees which come back by 85% to the author of lyrics & music. If you have any questions about the GEMA we’ll be happy to help you.

Steady in the pulse of time and always a will to perfection.

Guiding principle of Codafile
We founded and programmed Codafile, because we observed the direction in which the music business is leading. In 2015 the time was right to establish Codafile, to give bands the opportunity to sell their music in a economical and modern way at their shows.
Data security and a 24/7 customer service are our highest priorities. Your music as well as your personal user data is sheltered on our high security servers. We try our best to support your requests within the first 24 hours to offer with it unbeatable support.

The newsletter became such an elementary path of information.

Nicolas Kuri
In times where social media platforms inform your fans with nearly nothing but paid postings, the newsletter became such an important path of information to your fans.
A basic idea of Codafile was to give you the opportunity to log the email addresses of your fans on our servers, to make them available for you afterwards.


We are testing a new pricing model until the end of September 2020. Get your free codes now with a setup fee of only 20 Euro per release. If you want the individual codafiles download cards, have a look at here. The prices can be inquired with us.
  • Hosting of your music
  • Code generation
  • Data check/ID3-Tagging of your music
Variable costs
  • 24/7 email Support for your fans
  • stable system
  • costs per code
no individual costs per code
Optional services
  • Stick-on label basic charge (further 1 Euro per 100 labels)
  • Lengthening after 3 years for each year
  • Conversion of your audio CD to Mp3
+ VAT each

Music upload

Send us the form below with all of the information we need. Upload your album/EP/single with the cover (1500x1500 pixels), on WeTransfer or Dropbox and copy the link into the provided field. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.
To learn more about the options below and the right settings for the MP3-conversion, simply use our download input form at www.codafile.net with the Code "guide-english" to get the PDF-File. That was easy, wasn't it?
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